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The characters are as follows: Table 1: Dramatis Personae Room Nickname Full JID Affiliation firstwitch /desktop Owner secondwitch /laptop Admin thirdwitch /pda None A user might be allowed to perform any number of actions in a room, from joining or sending a message to changing.
(psa) Version.12 Removed SHA1 passwords; specified that room shall add passwords on invitations to password-protected rooms (not supplied by inviter).
(psa) Version.9 Removed protocol for requesting voice in a moderated room (should be performed using Ad-Hoc Commands).
The main actor in a multi-user chat environment is the occupant, who can be said to be located "in" a multi-user chat room and to participate in the discussions held in that room (for the purposes of this specification, participants and visitors are considered.A moderator has privileges to perform certain actions within the room (e.g., to change the roles of some occupants) but does not have rights to change persistent information about affiliations (which can be changed only by an admin or owner) or the room configuration.Information about roles must be sent in all presence stanzas generated or reflected by the room and thus sent to occupants (if the room is configured to broadcast presence for a given role).Groupchat functionality is familiar from systems such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and the chatroom functionality offered by popular consumer IM services.Clients MAY implement a variety of interface styles that provide "shortcuts" to functionality such as changing one's nickname, kicking or banning users, discovering an occupant's full JID, or changing the subject.

Service Informs Owner of Successful Destruction iq from' id'begone' to desktop' kostenloses online video und voice chat type'result If the [email protected] of the 'from' address received on a destroy request does not match the bare JID of a room owner, the service must return a forbidden/ error to the sender: Example.MUC The multi-user chat protocol for text-based conferencing specified in this document.RFC 1893: Enhanced Mail System Status Codes.In the old gratis chat mit reifen frauen groupchat.0 protocol, this was done by sending presence with no 'type' attribute to [email protected]/nick, where "room" is the room ID, "service" is the hostname of the chat service, and "nick" is the user's desired nickname within the room: Example.Service Sends Notice of Admin Status to All Occupants presence from secondwitch' to desktop' x item affiliation'admin' jid' role'moderator /x /presence.5.1.3 Changing Roles The ways in which an occupant's role changes are well-defined.Removed references to service discovery feature for "gc-1.0" since it is now obsolete.Invite Action: Resulting Stanza(s) presence to thirdwitch' x /presence message to' x invite to /x /message The URI can include multiple invitees: Example 213.Service Informs User of Inability to Create a Room presence from thirdwitch' to pda' type'error' x error by' type'cancel' not-allowed /error /presence If access is not restricted, suche nach online chat räume the service must allow the user to create a room as described below.Service Sends Full JID to All Occupants presence from thirdwitch' to desktop' x item affiliation'none' jid pda' role'participant /x /presence.
Service Denies Access Because Room Does Not (Yet) Exist presence from thirdwitch' id'n13mt3l' to pda' type'error' x error by' type'cancel' item-not-found /error /presence.2.12 Nonexistent Room If the room does not already exist when the user seeks to enter it, the service should create it;.